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Threesome Sex Fully Clothed


FULLY CLOTHED SEX – George and his hot flame Sarah Star are on the way to pick up his car from the mechanic’s shop. Unfortunately the garage is empty and there is no sign of his car. After a few attempts at finding help, the secretary, Christina Lee, informs George that she doesn’t know anything about his car. She asks him to wait until the boss comes back in an hour. A little disappointed, George decides to wait, but Sarah gets quite turned on, being surrounded by all that dirt and grease, and seduces George – effectively passing the time with her pussy. Meanwhile, the boss calls the secretary to inform her that he is done for the day and won’t be coming back to the garage. When Christina Lee comes around to find the couple having hot sex, she can’t refuse the chance to clock out a little earlier herself and enjoy George’s nice juicy dick.

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Fully Clothed Fucking


MY FETISH – It’s the day of the dead, and Simony Diamond is paying tribute to her father, who passed away several years ago, when she was but a child. She can’t help but notice that standing next to her is a really hot guy at another grave. She asks him whom he’s here to pay respects to. He replies that it’s an aunt of his whom he barely knew. Miss Diamond feels an instant flame of attraction light up between the two of them. The hall is completely empty, so why not go for it? If they keep their clothes on, they should be safe. After toasting to the memory of their respective loved ones, Simony Diamond goes to work, sucking on her new friend’s boner until it’s fully erect. He then plows her in a number of positions, spilling sparkling wine all over her silk blouse in the process.

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Lesbian Fashion Models Play with Dildos


MY FETISH – Two models, blonde and brunette, are on a high-class fashion shoot with a male photographer. Blondie checks out her colleague early on in the session and immediately senses that this girl is a lesbian like her. She starts getting wet between the legs, but knows she must be professional and resume the shoot till the very end. Eventually, they are able to get rid of the male photographer – but instead of going in to the dressing room, they start to go at it right there in the studio! Thankfully, Blondie remembered to bring her dildo with her. She caresses the brunette’s cunt lips with the head of the dildo, getting her nice and wet, before slipping it into the bitch’s moist environs. Before she cums, the brunette will return the favor on her blonde friend’s own wet cunt, bringing her to climax with her excellent lesbionic skills. Starring Maddy and Antonia.

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English Lesson Turns Into Fully Clothed Fuck Fest


FULLY CLOTHED SEX – Sharka Blue and Johane Johansson take private English lessons together. Their teacher Patrik unfortunately misses the bus to their place. He calls and explains to them that he will be delayed. Meanwhile, they should begin and already be finished with the first lesson from the book by the time he arrives. Surprisingly, the vocabulary words in this chapter have a very strong erotic tinge to them. This effectively lights a horny fire in both Sharka and Johane, as they begin to physically explore the true meaning of the sexy English words. When Patrik finally arrives, he wonders just how his lesson could have led their tongues to each other’s pussies. To his surprise, he finds out that they used the wrong book. Now that he is aware that his private diary has opened up a whole new world to the girls, he can’t resist joining in on their horny learning adventure!

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Porn Film Director Fucks Two Girls At Once!


FULLY CLOTHED SEX – George is an amateur porn film director. He wants to make his first hot sexy movie with two girls – a little lezzie love action. He went out of his way to construct a very special set for Tina Gabriel and Valentina Rossi, two beautiful dames who have agreed to participate in George’s little project. Not long before shooting starts, the girls determine that George is quite inexperienced. Rather than wait around to be directed, the ladies take their own initiative, performing an impromptu erotic dance for the horny wannabe director. The girls are not surprised when they figure out that he is masturbating while filming them – at which point they suggest that it might be more fun for him to be an actor rather than a director! Never one to say “no” to a sexy opportunity, George sails right in to his first porno experience!

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Corporate Cunt Gets Fucked Nice and Hard


MY FETISH – Maria Bellucci is a corporate executive who, unfortunately, has a reputation for being corrupt. Finally, one day when she’s in her home office, she gets busted. A special police officer has been sent over to arrest the evil criminal and bring her to justice on counts of bribery and blackmail. Being the savvy dealmaker that she is – and being sexy as all fuck – Maria comes up with a little bargaining tactic with the officer to delay her arrest… And the officer is unable to resist, owing to her suave sexiness. It is not long before he has her bent over her desk, taking his engorged wand up her twat; Maria squeals with delight as he fucks her senseless. She loves sucking the copper’s huge stick and getting plowed by it, and gladly takes his load all over her face once he’s ready to blow. Corruption never tasted so nice!

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Real Estate Agent in Fully Clothed Sex Scene


FULLY CLOTHED SEX – Frederica Hill is spending a few days in the city on business and needs to stay in an apartment. Ellen Peterson, who runs a suite of apartments for short-term lease, meets Frederica in the park, explaining to her that she has an apartment she just knows Frederica will love. And, what’s more, the apartment is right around the corner. What Ellen doesn’t know is that the apartment’s last tenant still hasn’t left. In fact, it appears that he had a big party there last night, because the flat is a complete mess – and he is still passed out in bed when they arrive. Ellen is peeved, naturally. She tells the guy to hurry up, get dressed, and leave. Then she apologizes to Frederica and heads off to the upstairs office, hoping to find a cleaning girl to get the flat ready for Frederica immediately. Frederica, who remains downstairs, finds herself unexpectedly turned on by the hungover dude. Her instincts tell her that he is probably a very good lover, so she decides to take the chance. And when Ellen comes back, she can’t help but join in on the savory action!

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Fully Clothed Lesbians At the Gym


MY FETISH – Gitta is having a one-on-one training session at her gym when her best friend Yoha arrives to pick her up. The two women make for a stunning contrast – blonde Gitta in her tight training outfit, Yoha in her silk blouse, short skirt, and black panty hose. Yoha asks her friend to hurry up and get dressed so that they can get to the cinema in time for the new Hollywood blockbuster both have been dying to see. But when Gitta emerges from the dressing room, all hot to trot, Yoha’s lesbionic cravings kick in. She grabs Gitta by the arm and gives her that look… the one that can only mean one thing. Gitta soon has Yoha bent over the exercising equipment and begins to exercise two of her fingers into her best friend’s wet pussy. Then she slips a third digit in… And then a fourth. By that time, Yoha’s cunt is dripping with pussy juice. She spreads her legs and Gitta licks it all off.

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