Corporate Cunt Gets Fucked Nice and Hard


MY FETISH – Maria Bellucci is a corporate executive who, unfortunately, has a reputation for being corrupt. Finally, one day when she’s in her home office, she gets busted. A special police officer has been sent over to arrest the evil criminal and bring her to justice on counts of bribery and blackmail. Being the savvy dealmaker that she is – and being sexy as all fuck – Maria comes up with a little bargaining tactic with the officer to delay her arrest… And the officer is unable to resist, owing to her suave sexiness. It is not long before he has her bent over her desk, taking his engorged wand up her twat; Maria squeals with delight as he fucks her senseless. She loves sucking the copper’s huge stick and getting plowed by it, and gladly takes his load all over her face once he’s ready to blow. Corruption never tasted so nice!

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