Real Estate Agent in Fully Clothed Sex Scene


FULLY CLOTHED SEX – Frederica Hill is spending a few days in the city on business and needs to stay in an apartment. Ellen Peterson, who runs a suite of apartments for short-term lease, meets Frederica in the park, explaining to her that she has an apartment she just knows Frederica will love. And, what’s more, the apartment is right around the corner. What Ellen doesn’t know is that the apartment’s last tenant still hasn’t left. In fact, it appears that he had a big party there last night, because the flat is a complete mess – and he is still passed out in bed when they arrive. Ellen is peeved, naturally. She tells the guy to hurry up, get dressed, and leave. Then she apologizes to Frederica and heads off to the upstairs office, hoping to find a cleaning girl to get the flat ready for Frederica immediately. Frederica, who remains downstairs, finds herself unexpectedly turned on by the hungover dude. Her instincts tell her that he is probably a very good lover, so she decides to take the chance. And when Ellen comes back, she can’t help but join in on the savory action!

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