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Fully Clothed Fuck with Trainer


FULLY CLOTHED SEX – Michaela Marti is lying around on her bed in gym clothes, but is too lazy to do an actual work out. Instead, she prefers reading fashion magazines and eating sweets. Sharka Blue, her girlfriend, is very upset about her attitude. Michaela wants to be a famous fashion model, but is not willing to do anything to get her body in shape. So Sharka ordered a personal fitness coach for her. While Sharka is out for her manicure, the coach starts the work out with Michaela, but it turns out that Michaela has something else in mind than just getting her body in shape. Instead, she decides to exercise her mouth and pussy muscles. And when Sharka comes back, seeing that stud’s thick cock, she can’t resist joining the pair on this very unique exercise.

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Full On Fetish Fuck


MY FETISH – Madison recognizes that this handy man loves to play with his tools, so then she begins to wonder whether or not he’ll be able to drill her. This black-haired beauty is looking fine, all decked out in black silk to match the soft texture of her delicate skin. She definitely has a sassy streak to her, and she knows what she wants when it comes to sex. More than anything, she craves the big dick of worker dudes like this guy in the garage. It doesn’t take her long to seduce the chap, either – before you know it, he’s smacking her ass and she has his big cock out. After slurping on his boner, she removes her panties, spreads her legs, and he sinks his member deep inside her wet pussy spread eagle as she moans, finally having gotten what she wanted all along.

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Mad Lesbian Scientist Creates Perfect Sex Doll

MY FETISH – Regina Ice plays a mad lesbian scientist. She is in the laboratory, trying to build the perfect woman. A woman that will be there for her in times of need. A sexy woman who will make all her wettest fantasies come true… And after much work, she creates Zara. In her soft silk and satin outfit, with her nice round ass and pert breasts, Zara is every lesbian’s fantasy, now come to life and eager to please her creator. Zara eases Regina down on the lab table, moves her panties aside, and immediately goes in search of Regina’s g-spot. Being put here to service women, Zara is immediately able to find it, sending spirals of ecstasy from Regina’s twat all the way down her body. After licking and fingering Dr. Regina’s quivering pussy, she then inserts a metallic dildo inside. Regina has multiple orgasms, and then decides to return the favor by showing Zara the joys of womanly love.

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Stockbroker Fucks Fully Clothed Bitch

FULLY CLOTHED SEX – On a hot late autumn day, Virus Vellons takes a walk in the park. Owing to the warm weather, she takes off her jacket and accidentally drops her keys in the process. Lucky for her, a passing stockbroker, played by Jay Dee, spots the keys on the ground and chases after her. Virus is so pleased to see that there are still honest men out there. As a thank you gesture, she invites him home for a drink. But Virus plans to uncork a lot more than just a bottle of champagne… and Jay seems to get what she’s really after. Within minutes, he’s got his hands in his undies and is fingering her pussy, which is already wet with anticipation. She removes his cock from his pants and proceeds to blow him right there on the couch. Once he is stiff enough, she lifts up her skirt and sinks his dick all the way into her pussy. He fucks her in several positions before blowing his load all over her tummy.

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Fully Clothed Cunts Get Fucked with Thick Cock

FULLY CLOTHED SEX – Tina Gabriel is invited by her girlfriend Alexa Bold for a girls-only weekend in her new house in the countryside. As soon as Tina enters the living room, she is overwhelmed by the new design. It turns out that the driver who brought Tina to Alexa is also her interior designer. Tina immediately solicits this gentleman’s talents for her own house. The problem is, he is way too busy at the moment – and his services are quite expensive. Thankfully, Tina and Alex are crafty ladies. They immediately come up with a way to convince him that doing the work will be worthwhile… It is not long before he has taken them both on, burying every inch of his hard cock in their wet pussies. These two naughty sluts know what to do with a dick – they don’t even have to take most of their clothes off to get plowed the way they like it.

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Horny Bitch Hangs Out in Men’s Room Waiting For a Fuck

MY FETISH – What’s this chick doing in the men’s room? Marco Nero wants to know. She’s been hanging around the urinals, looking at all the guys’ dicks as they’ve been pissing. And now all those guys are gone, and it’s just Marco. “Nice cock,” she says, then immediately walks over to the sink and washes her hands. Intrigued – and very turned on – Marco goes over and asks the young lady her name. Aliz, it turns out to be. “Hi Aliz,” he says. “I’m Marco. Wanna fuck?” She pulls a gun on him. Marco’s hands shoot up in the air. “I’m the one who calls the shots around here, buster,” she says. And Marco doesn’t resist – even when she unzips his fly and takes his cock out. He doesn’t know what this crazy bitch will do next, but he’s anxious to find out. Before he knows it, she’s down on her knees, trying to fit as much of his schlong down her throat as she can. They proceed to fuck on the bathroom floor. He pulls out just in time and squirts his load down the sexy cunt’s willing throat.

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Lesbian Gynecologist Loosens Patient’s Pussy

MY FETISH – Zafira goes to see her gynecologist, Dr. Nikita, with a very serious problem: her boyfriend’s cock is too big for her. She just can’t take it. Is there anything Dr. Nikita can do to… you know, help her? Thankfully, Dr. Nikita is very experienced in this particular area. She has Zafira sit with legs spread in the examination chair. She starts gentle – just inserting a single digit into Zafira’s watertight twat. Zafira moans in agony – it’s just too much for her. But as the doctor continues her probing, she starts to loosen up… even get a little wet. “This is tighter than I thought it would be,” says Dr. Nikita. “I will have to employ a special oral technique.” She then applies some tongue pressure to Zafira’s hot trembling pussy. With Dr. Nikita’s pussy-licking expertise, it’s not long before Zafira’s twat is ready to accept a man-size dildo. The good doctor buries every inch of the dong in her patient’s cunt as Zafira moans in pleasure. This gives Zafira a few ideas… Namely, can she try out some of the same strategies on the doctor in return?

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Silk Slut Demands Cock in Her Twat

FULLY CLOTHED SEX – Yenna is the manager of a popular bar that is undergoing renovation. She is getting a bit stressed out – they are going to re-open that night, and the worker they’ve employed, Steve, is taking an awful long time. Maybe that’s because Steve has other things on his mind besides work. Once he’s brought in all the new furniture, he suggests that Yenna join him on the couch for a little rest. Truth is, at the sight of Steve’s hot bulging muscles, Yenna’s pussy was getting wet earlier. So when Steve begins to come on to her on the couch, she doesn’t need much convincing. He lifts her skirt up, moves her panties aside, and begins eating her pussy right there on the couch. Yenna is then eager to see what Steve has to offer, so she takes out his cock and begins to suck it right there. Just as Yenna is sitting on Steve’s dick, the owner of the bar, Sarah Star, walks in. Sarah can’t resist missing out on the hot action, so she decides to join in, too. Steve fucks both women until he’s ready to shoot, at which point he pulls out and jizzes all over Sarah’s expensive black silk blouse.

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We Fuck With Our Clothes On

FULLY CLOTHED SEX – Frederica Hill and Christina Lee are two lesbian secretaries who decide to invite their boss over for some nice poolside fun. He agrees on one condition: they have to leave their clothes on the entire time. The girls reluctantly agree. After all, they are donned in their finest silk and satin dresses – they don’t want to get them messed up! Thankfully, their boss is expert at satisfying two women at once – with clothes on!

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Black Beauty Adorned in Silk Gets Stuffed with Huge Cock

MY FETISH – Jasmine is a black beauty who craves big cock. She meets her match in the form of a well-hung gentleman who also has a fetish of his own — silk. Since Jasmine always wear silk blouses wherever she goes, it is a match made in heaven. She proceeds to get down on her knees and take the dude’s huge penis in her mouth. She then gets plowed in numerous positions — just like she likes it.

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