Lesbian Fashion Models Play with Dildos


MY FETISH – Two models, blonde and brunette, are on a high-class fashion shoot with a male photographer. Blondie checks out her colleague early on in the session and immediately senses that this girl is a lesbian like her. She starts getting wet between the legs, but knows she must be professional and resume the shoot till the very end. Eventually, they are able to get rid of the male photographer – but instead of going in to the dressing room, they start to go at it right there in the studio! Thankfully, Blondie remembered to bring her dildo with her. She caresses the brunette’s cunt lips with the head of the dildo, getting her nice and wet, before slipping it into the bitch’s moist environs. Before she cums, the brunette will return the favor on her blonde friend’s own wet cunt, bringing her to climax with her excellent lesbionic skills. Starring Maddy and Antonia.

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