Fully Clothed Lesbians At the Gym


MY FETISH – Gitta is having a one-on-one training session at her gym when her best friend Yoha arrives to pick her up. The two women make for a stunning contrast – blonde Gitta in her tight training outfit, Yoha in her silk blouse, short skirt, and black panty hose. Yoha asks her friend to hurry up and get dressed so that they can get to the cinema in time for the new Hollywood blockbuster both have been dying to see. But when Gitta emerges from the dressing room, all hot to trot, Yoha’s lesbionic cravings kick in. She grabs Gitta by the arm and gives her that look… the one that can only mean one thing. Gitta soon has Yoha bent over the exercising equipment and begins to exercise two of her fingers into her best friend’s wet pussy. Then she slips a third digit in… And then a fourth. By that time, Yoha’s cunt is dripping with pussy juice. She spreads her legs and Gitta licks it all off.

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