Stockbroker Fucks Fully Clothed Bitch

FULLY CLOTHED SEX – On a hot late autumn day, Virus Vellons takes a walk in the park. Owing to the warm weather, she takes off her jacket and accidentally drops her keys in the process. Lucky for her, a passing stockbroker, played by Jay Dee, spots the keys on the ground and chases after her. Virus is so pleased to see that there are still honest men out there. As a thank you gesture, she invites him home for a drink. But Virus plans to uncork a lot more than just a bottle of champagne… and Jay seems to get what she’s really after. Within minutes, he’s got his hands in his undies and is fingering her pussy, which is already wet with anticipation. She removes his cock from his pants and proceeds to blow him right there on the couch. Once he is stiff enough, she lifts up her skirt and sinks his dick all the way into her pussy. He fucks her in several positions before blowing his load all over her tummy.

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